Product Detail

A. Product introduction
The equipment is mainly used for hard plastic, nylon, glass steel, ceramics, cast stone, non-metallic materials, such as electric insulation material with the determination of impact toughness.This tester is the chemical industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality inspection departments, manufacturers of laboratory and other units testing equipment
Two characteristics
1 using circular grating Angle measuring technology, with high precision, good stability and large measurement range, etc
2 digital measuring thrust power calculation, the impact strength, calculating the average of a batch of sample, etc
3 pre elevation, Angle calibration is convenient

Display: LCD

Three standard:
Meet ISO180, GB/T1843, GB/T2611, JB/T8761 standards requirements.
Four parameters:
Impact energy: 1 J J, 5.5, 2.75, 11 J, J 22 colors, J
2 impact velocity;3.5 m/s
3 pendulum Yang Angle: 160 °
4 pendulum shaft center to impact the blade distance: 322 mm
May impact the blade to jaw from above;22 mm
6 the rounded blade;R = 0.8 mm